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When it comes to a movie like I Care a Lot, there will inevitably be the claims that it’s a criticism of capitalism. And that is precisely what we see in many of the reviews of this — at best — mediocre movie. And this is no doubt why this poorly-written movie received Golden Globe nominations, and why Rosamund Pike (who plays the sociopathic protagonist Marla Grayson, a professional guardian who exploits the legal system) won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical (was it a comedy? it seemed to have a hard time making up…

Darkling light, the deep black hole,
Darker than the blackest coal,
Bends to singularity
Space and time with density,
Spinning galaxies, so bright,
Holding all the stars in sight.

I think I want to join the flow of you,
The Mississippi brings together land
And streams across America, the true
Of science helping us to understand.

I think I want to join the flow, I should
Join with the Nile, white and blue to one,
To drain east Africa, and thus the good
Of virtue, bright as the Sahara sun.

I think I want to join the flow, my duty
Is with the Amazon which wider grows
Though South America and bringing beauty
Throughout the world as every rhythm shows.

I think I want to join the flow that…

The darkling water vortexed down
To drag me to the sea’s abyssal plain —
I fear, so certain I will drown,
That every person is my family’s bane.

No sparkling…

I want to spend a day with you
Without our kids without our worries
I simply to sit and hold
You in my arm all of our hurries

Spread to…


Will sat on his couch, watching T.V., wishing the phone would stop ringing. It could be his mom, or one of his friends, maybe even Liz, but it was ten-thirty-five and Jay Leno was starting, so it was probably Anne. Anne didn’t like Jay Leno, and she didn’t care that he did. He hated talking to her because he liked talking to her, and that bothered him. Anne was his ex-girlfriend, she had cheated on him. He should have been angry. There was a time when he was. he picked up the phone.

“How’s it going?” Anne asked.

“Pretty good…


Ron sat in the thick club moss, their tiny leaflets tickling his bare bottom. Or, they would have been had he not been preoccupied with the small gun in his hand, slowly turned by his nimble fingers. Beside him, motionless, lay the nude body of Julie. Tiny red splashes decorated the green and brown forest floor — the color slowly reappearing through Julie’s brown hair, though Ron had tried to cover the wound with it, unable to bear the sight. Ron’s tears streaked the blood on his face. He closed his eyes, lifted the gun to his temple, pressed his…


Shelly looked between the tall grass, watching the lanky man vanish across the field, pushing his way through the foxtail grass, daisies, black-eyed Susans, and small flowers in pink and blue, scattered in patches. She lay back as he vanished into the woods. The sun warmed her body a few minutes before she reached for her clothes, a pair of frilly pink panties and a light blue sun dress with white flowers. She slowly slipped them on and stood, brushing grass from her dress, untangling stems from her hair. She followed the fresh-blazed trail through the tall grass. …


The horizontally-challenged womyn member of the African Diaspora eased coself down onto the chronologically gifted, cosmetically different couch and turned on the television with the remote control. It just happened to be nearly four and time for cos’s legalized rapist to come home from being exploited by capital. Tey just happened to have been indefinitely idled for nearly six months and just happened to be getting tired of being a domestic artist while ter significant other just happened to be out being exploited by capital as an environmental hygienist. Ve thought that with a Spinster’s Degree in helping the optically…


This is a synopsis of my novel manuscript, The New Cosmos. I would appreciate any feedback. Does this sound like something you would be interested in reading?

The New Cosmos tells the intertwined stories of a wealthy family and a 1st person narrator’s experiences with several Greek gods and goddesses.

In the story of the wealthy family, Jonathan Weisgall, the father, is the CEO of Nemian Lion, a body armor manufacturer. His wife, Nancy, doesn’t work, but she supports him socially, as much of his job involves wining and dining politicians. They have three children, Cleve, Percy, and Jo. The…

Troy Camplin

I am the author of “Diaphysics” and “Hear the Screams of the Butterfly,” and a consultant, poet, playwright, and interdisciplinary scholar.

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